Nordic Refugee Determination: Advancing Data Science in Migration Law (NordASIL)

Drawing on unique access to large datasets of Nordic asylum case law from Denmark, Sweden and Norway, and an interdisciplinary team spanning law, computer science and medicine, NordASIL will produce a novel approach to answer two questions: What factors shape the production of national asylum decisions? and Why do asylum outcomes across similar cases differ so much from one another?

Nordic Refugee Determination: Advancing Data Science in Migration Law (NordASIL) is a four-year project (2021-2025) funded through a 15 million NOK grant by the competitive Nordforsk Programme for Interdisciplinary Research. The project is a partnership between the University of Oslo, the University of Uppsala and the University of Copenhagen. It comprises a highly interdisciplinary research team spanning law, computer science and social medicine and draws on unique asylum data from Denmark, Norway and Sweden.


















University of Copenhagen

Name Title Image
Byrne, William Hamilton Postdoc Billede af Byrne, William Hamilton
Gammeltoft-Hansen, Thomas Professor with special responsibilities
Billede af Gammeltoft-Hansen, Thomas
Hildebrandt, Thomas Troels Professor
(co-PI, NordASIL)
Billede af Hildebrandt, Thomas Troels
Høgenhaug, Anna Højberg PhD student Billede af Høgenhaug, Anna Højberg
Kaltenhäuser, Kristin PhD Fellow Billede af Kaltenhäuser, Kristin
Katsikouli, Panagiota Postdoc Billede af Katsikouli, Panagiota
Møller, Naja L. Holten

Assistant professor, tenure track

Billede af Møller, Naja L. Holten
Olsen, Henrik Palmer Professor in Jurisprudence
(co-PI, NordASIL)
Billede af Olsen, Henrik Palmer
Slaats, Tijs Associate Professor, tenure track
(PI, DATA4ALL; WP-leader, NordASIL)
Billede af Slaats, Tijs

University of Oslo

Name Title Image
Bailliet, Cecilia Marcela Professor
(co-PI, NordASIL)
Langford, Malcolm Professor
(co-PI, NordASIL)
Lie, Runar Hilleren Doctoral Research Fellow

Uppsala University

Name Title Image
Hedrick, Kyli  Postdoc
Karlander, Isa Cegrell Postdoc
Sarkadi, Anna Professor
(co-PI, NordASIL)
Stern, Rebecca Professor
(co-PI, NordASIL)


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Nordic Refugee Determination: Advancing Data Science in Migration Law (NordASIL) has received a four year funding from NordForsk. 

Project number: 105178

Period: 2021 –  2025.


Thomas Gammeltoft-HansenPI Professor
Thomas Gammeltoft-Hansen

South Campus,
Building: 6B.4.40
DK-2300 Copenhagen S
Phone: +45 50 20 34 00

Henrik Palmer Olsen

co-PI Professor
Henrik Palmer Olsen

South Campus, Building: 6A.2.14
DK 2300 Copenhagen S
Phone: +45 35 32 32 19